Dudomi, Türkiye's young and trendy noodle brand, which entered the sales channels in 2022. It was produces six different ambitious and delicious sauce options, specifically tailored to meet the preferences of young noodle enthusiasts. However, do not let our youthfulness deceive you. We derive our strength from Eriş, which was established in 1920 and is one of the largest flour producers in Türkiye.

Our claim to taste is not just about offering flavors that appeal to the palate. Our entire production process is managed as a whole with Halal and Reliable Food criteria. Therefore, no artificial preservatives, coloring agents and MSG additives are found in any Dudomi product. As a result, the entire Dudomi product family is presented to the market together with ISO 9001 Quality and GIMDES Halal Food Certificates.


As Eriş, we are committed to producing halal, high-quality, safe, and authentic products, safeguarding the health of our customers, meeting occupational health and safety requirements, employing production methods that minimize environmental impact, and always adhering to the principle of 100% customer satisfaction as our fundamental principles.

In line with these principles, we aim to become a leading global enterprise by employing a trained and professional team, staying abreast of innovative technological advancements, paying meticulous attention to customer demands, preserving authenticity, reducing the consumption of natural resources and minimizing waste, producing more economically, adhering to all laws and regulations, operating in hygienic environments, and offering halal, high-quality, authentic, and safe products. Our goal is to be an exemplary business worldwide, not only in our environmental practices but also in providing our customers with products that meet their preferences and needs.

To achieve this goal, we are committed to guiding all our team members in the spirit of teamwork, enhancing the service quality of our suppliers, establishing open communication channels for customer satisfaction practices, embracing social responsibility standards, and ensuring sustainability in accordance with the philosophy of continuous improvement. Our business principles and life philosophy revolve around prioritizing 'Occupational Health and Safety,' valuing 'Environmentalism,' and adhering to the principles of 'Halal, Quality, and Safe Food.